NABARD Project on “Lead Enthusiastic Agriculturist to Develop (LEAD) Farm by setting up of Agriculture Incubation Centre at KVK, Kozhikode”
Background: In India, there are a large number of landless farmers who are taking up agricultural activities in leased lands. Often these farmers earn marginal revenue from their farming activity as bulk of the amount goes for repayment of lease amount. KVKs work as a knowledge resource centre for the benefit of farming community. One of the main mandates of KVK is to organise Front Line Demonstrations on various crops for quick dissemination of latest findings from agricultural research institutes to farmers’ fields. The feedbacks from the field in terms of production data and farmers opinion on technologies are given back to the institutes for further refinement of technologies. These FLDs are taken up at progressive farmers fields under the technical support of KVK scientists. But it has been noted that although the technology is being illustrated to farmers, they still do not strictly follow it and use some of their own ideas which may sometimes give poor result questioning the technology as the FLD is conducted in their filed. Hence the results generated are not always true and may get a negative effect.
Lead farm planting

    With this background, had taken up a pilot project in setting up an agriculture incubation centre at KVK, where the farmers will take up farming activities in KVK land as Front Line Demonstrations thereby utilising the land and expertise available at KVK under its direct supervision so that they gain confidence in starting their own farm. The project is aimed to make farmers LEAD, KVK farm and later their own, so the project is coined as LEAD [Lead Enthusiastic Agriculturist to Develop (LEAD) Farm] project. The main objectives of the project were: to setup agriculture incubation centre for enthusiastic farmers at KVK, to demonstrate and provide field level training to farmers on recent technologies in agriculture, to provide helping hand to landless farmers and agriculturist to take up scientific agriculture practices, to produce quality seeds and planting materials at KVK by farmers and to setup a seed bank at KVK.

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Low investment freshwater ornamental fish culture techniques boost farmers’ income
    Ornamental fish keeping is the second most popular hobby globally after photography. This passion for ornamental fishes in global market gives aqua farmers in India a source of livelihood and export earnings for the country. India considered as a sleeping giant with contribution of less than 1% to global trade has ideal environmental condition for culturing these tropical fishes. Off late there has been revitalization in India especially in Kerala to boost this sector.
Snap shot of an ornamantal fish practical session of a training at KVK

    The Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kozhikode under ICAR- Indian Institute of Spices Research has taken significant steps in this direction by giving regular training and demonstrations on freshwater ornamental fish culture to youth and farmers in Kerala. The Kendra has developed low investment culture techniques by utilizing scrapped refrigerator/fridge boxes, used flex banners and wooden reapers used as packing material from glass shops. This technology encourages farmers to do up-cycling or creative reusing. Here the unwanted scrap materials are transformed to products of better quality and value through fish culture. The low budget technology safeguards the environment and is a boost to “Swathyatha abhyan” activities.

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Broiler goat rearing a profitable enterprise 

   Broiler goat production is highly suitable technology in areas where green fodder is not available (or) due to lack of grazing land. It is one of the techniques to improve the economy of rural farming community. Broiler goat rearing has been found to be highly remunerative compare to rearing other farm animals and it has been advocated as a better substitute of livelihood for the rural farmer.

What are broiler goat kids?

     As far as broiler goat rearing is concerned, we don’t have any specific breed for this  purpose.   The kids produced from goats (whatever breed available in your area) can be used for broiler goat rearing (both male as well as female kids).

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