Frequently Asked Questions


1.What is the recommended feed for carp culture?

Rice bran/wheat bran and groundnut/coconut oil cake at 1:1 ratio by weight is the recommended feed.  Feed should be given at 8-10% of initial biomass of fry per day during the first month followed by 6-8% of standing biomass during the second month and subsequently @ 5% of biomass from third month of culture. The daily ration is to be provided in 2 equal instalments during morning and evening.

2.What should be the minimum size of the pond required for fresh water carp culture?

Indian Major Carps viz.  Catla, Rohu and Mrigal need at least pond with 10 cent (0.04 ha) water spread area or above for achieving a body weight of above 1 Kg in 10-12 months under proper feeding and management practice. Small ponds less than 10 cents can be used for nursery rearing of crap fry to fingerling stage.

3.What should be the water depth for fish culture?
The ideal water depth for fish culture is 1.2-1.5m. In ponds below 1m water depth the water temperature may raise during sunny days and those above 3m the growth rate of the fish will low.

4.Which are the ideal fishes for culturing in small areas or tanks?

Culture of ornamental fish culture will be a profitable venture for small area or for culturing in tanks. In case of food fishes murrels (Varal), magur (Mushi) or tiger shark (Vaalla) is a good option.

5.Which feed is to be given to gold fish/carp spawn and that for angel fish?

Gold fish/ carp spawn feed well on zooplanktons like moina. They can also be reared by feeding with boiled egg yolk sieved through cloth. Live feed like Artemia nauplii or microworms need to be given to angel fish for at least first 20 days.