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Agrometeorological Advisories (Kozhikode District)

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മലയാളത്തിനായി ഇവിടെ ക്ലിക്ക് ചെയ്യുക

Attention banana growers-root mealy bug-a new threat to banana cultivation.
      Banana plants of varieties Nendran and Rasthali grown in about three hectares of leased land at Poozhithode of Kozhikode district has been found to be severely infested with root mealy bug. Symptomatology- The plants were at six months old stage. Five thousand five hundred plants were grown in the area of which about 120 plants were showing symptoms like creamy white discolouration of the last unfurled leaf and the leaf remaining unopened for longer duration, with a burnt like appearance at the tip. The feeder roots were found to be severely damaged with dead root hairs. Live stages of mealy bugs including immatures and adults were collected from the soil, confirming the severe incidence of mealy bugs in the soil. The banana suckers which were brought from nurseries of Mukkom and Kuttiadi areas and planted without proper curing is suspected to be the possible source of infestation. Similar cases have also been reported from Kelothvayal and Chathamangalam areas of the district.
Prevention is better than cure Since suckers are suspected to be the possible source of infestation, spread of this serious pest is to be checked by prevention of use of suckers from infested areas within and outside the state. Dipping of suckers in boiled water for 10 seconds helps to destroy the live stages of mealy bug adhered to the sucker. Soil drenching of chlorpyriphos 20 EC @2.5ml per litre of water in the root zone may be taken up in consultation with the Agriculture Officers of the area.

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